Helper Jobs in Dubai with Free Visa & Salary Details

Prospective candidates striving to become part of a profession that holds an appeal of its own and offers generous salaries and benefits, made more attractive by the absence of income tax are advised to apply today for the latest Helper Jobs in Dubai. The inclusion of perks such as free visas and healthcare further enhances the opportunity, making it an appealing option for many seeking to enhance their quality of life.

Furthermore, taking on these roles provides individuals with an excellent chance to develop fresh skills and acquire invaluable experience. Daily responsibilities often include a wide range of hands-on tasks like cleaning, cooking, gardening, or providing care to children or the elderly. The city’s multicultural environment also provides a valuable experience where one can learn about different traditions and languages as well as broaden their global perspective. So, why wait? Submit your application today for the urgent helper jobs in Dubai available to both males and females.

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Profession Name Helper
Job Location Dubai
Status of Nationality Selective
Education Requirements Equivalent Degree / Diploma Holders
Experience Needed Required
Salary Discuss it with your interviewer
Benefits According to the labor law of Emirates
Last Updated on April 22nd, 2024

Urgent! Helper Jobs in Dubai 2024 | Apply Today

Helper Jobs in Dubai

About Helper Jobs

Helper jobs, also known as assistant or support roles, play a significant role in various industries and sectors. These positions are defined as providing assistance and support to higher-level professionals or organizations. From administrative helpers who handle paperwork and scheduling to production assistants who help with tasks on film sets, these jobs are varied. They are often required to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and take on multiple responsibilities.

Furthermore, technology has significantly impacted these roles in recent years. Many tasks that were once manual can now be automated or streamlined through the use of digital tools and software. For example, virtual assistants can manage calendars remotely using online scheduling platforms. This shift has allowed them to focus more on high-value tasks that require human expertise while still providing efficient support. Whether it’s organizing events smoothly or ensuring daily operations run efficiently, these unsung heroes play a crucial part in keeping businesses running smoothly across various industries.

Why Choose Helper Jobs in Dubai?

Choosing helper jobs in Dubai is a strategic move for individuals seeking stability, financial rewards, and professional development. The labor market in this city offers diverse opportunities in various industries, making it an attractive destination for job seekers. The tax-free income, coupled with additional benefits like accommodation, transportation, and healthcare, enhances the overall appeal of these roles. Moreover, the city’s rapid economic growth and infrastructural development create a continuous demand for helpers across sectors such as construction, hospitality, and domestic services. This constant demand not only ensures job security but also presents opportunities for career advancement. Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced professional, these roles open doors to a lively work environment and the chance to contribute to the city’s ongoing success story.

Roles and Responsibilities

Helper jobs in the UAE vary across industries and cover a broad range of duties. They may carry materials, assist skilled workers, and maintain a clean and organized work environment in the construction sector. While domestic helpers clean, cook, and sometimes care for the elderly and children. In retail, they may handle stocking shelves, assisting customers, and maintaining store cleanliness. The responsibilities extend to hospitality, where helpers in hotels and restaurants may contribute to the smooth operation of services by supporting various departments. Irrespective of the industry, they are often required to be adaptable, physically fit, and possess a willingness to learn.

Challenges in Helper Jobs

While helper jobs offer rewarding opportunities, they also come with their own set of challenges. Physical demands are a common aspect, especially in construction and manual labor roles, where they may engage in challenging tasks. Adapting to different working environments, schedules, and employer expectations can also be challenging for domestic workers who are employed in private households. Communication barriers may also pose difficulties, especially for expatriates with varying language proficiency. Moreover, the need to balance multiple responsibilities, such as household chores or childcare, can add complexity. Responding to these challenges requires resilience, adaptability, and effective communication. Employers and workers alike can address these issues through open discussion, cultural understanding, and providing necessary support and training.

Training and Development for Helpers

Recognizing the importance of skill development, many employers in the UAE offer training opportunities for helpers to enhance their capabilities. In the construction industry, training may focus on safety protocols, proper handling of equipment, and efficient project coordination. Domestic workers may receive guidance on effective housekeeping techniques, childcare, or elderly care. These training programs not only contribute to professional growth but also ensure a higher standard of service delivery. Additionally, some employers provide language classes to overcome communication barriers. Continuous learning and skill development are key components of the training initiatives that empower employees to not only meet their current job responsibilities but also to progress in their careers.

Top Companies Hiring Helpers in Dubai

Job seekers can explore vacancies in many different industries ranging from real estate and retail to household services, providing a wide array of options to match their skills and preferences. These diverse sectors present in Dubai, including construction, hospitality, and domestic services, offer a wide range of opportunities for individuals seeking helper careers. Following are the top 3 companies that often hire skilled individuals.

  1. Aramex: A leading logistics and transportation company, Aramex may hire helpers for various roles within their operations. This could include tasks related to sorting and handling packages, contributing to the efficient functioning of their logistics network.
  2. Noon: As a prominent e-commerce platform, Noon may have openings involved in warehouse and fulfillment operations. These roles could include responsibilities such as inventory management, packaging, and ensuring timely delivery of orders.
  3. Almarai: Renowned for its presence in the dairy and food industry, Almarai may offer opportunities in areas such as production, packaging, and distribution. Helpers may contribute to the production and packaging processes of dairy and food products.

Helper Jobs for Expatriates with a Free Visa

Helper jobs for expatriates with free visas are available across various industries. In the construction sector, expatriates skilled in labor or general assistance may find roles with construction companies. The hospitality sector, including hotels and restaurants, often seeks foreigners for roles in cleaning, dishwashing, and event setup. Domestic services, such as childcare or elderly care, offer positions with accommodation as part of the employment package. Additionally, foreign workers may explore opportunities in the warehouse and logistics sector, particularly with e-commerce companies.

Part Time Helper Jobs in Dubai

Part-time helper jobs in Dubai offer individuals the flexibility to strike a balance between work and lifestyle commitments. These opportunities span various sectors, including domestic assistance where families seek part-time help for household chores. Additionally, freelance services in areas such as event support, cleaning, or pet care present part-time options. Job seekers can explore these opportunities through online platforms, job portals, and community networks, making these roles ideal for students, parents, or individuals seeking supplementary income with a flexible schedule.

What Is the Salary of a Helper in Dubai?

A helper working in Dubai can earn an average salary of AED 30,204 each year. This is the same as earning around AED 2,517 every month. If we look at this weekly, they would get about AED 629 and hourly it’s roughly AED 15.73. These numbers are based on what helpers typically earn in Dubai and consider how much things costs to live there and what is normal pay for this kind of job in that area.

Often Available Job Opportunities

  • Kitchen Helper
  • Packing Helper
  • Warehouse Helper
  • General Helper
  • Supermarket Helper
  • Shopping Mall Helper
  • Factory Helper
  • Construction Helper
  • Food Packing Helper
  • House Helper
  • Electrician Helper
  • School Helper
  • Delivery Helper
  • Salon Helper
  • Car Mechanic Helper


In Dubai, helper careers not only offer financial stability but also present a pathway for skill development, diverse career opportunities, and exposure to a multicultural work environment. Below we have listed a few of the benefits offered by these roles.

  • Market Competitive Salary
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Cultural Exposure
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Paid Time Off
  • Training Programs
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Retirement Plans
  • Uniforms and Work Gear
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Employee Discounts

What Are the Requirements for Helper Careers in Dubai?

  • Ensure eligibility to work in Dubai with the necessary visas and permits
  • Ability to handle physical tasks such as lifting, cleaning, and manual labor
  • Basic communication skills to understand and follow instructions
  • Awareness and respect for cultural norms in a diverse workplace
  • Willingness to work flexible hours and adapt to different tasks
  • Reliability and punctuality in fulfilling job responsibilities
  • While not always mandatory, basic education may be preferred for some roles
  • Basic culinary skills for roles related to cooking and kitchen assistance
  • Knowledge of tools and equipment used in caregiving roles
  • Understanding how to use safety equipment and following safety protocols on the job.

How to Apply for Helper Jobs in Dubai?

The following steps will guide you through the application process for Helper Jobs.

  1. Begin by checking out our “List of Available Positions” section.
  2. Identify roles that fit your skills and preferences by browsing job listings.
  3. Select a specific role that you are interested in applying for.
  4. Carefully read the job description on the LinkedIn page.
  5. Follow the application process, which may include uploading your resume with the correct contact number and other documents.
  6. Once you have completed the necessary steps, submit your application through the LinkedIn platform.
  7. Be prepared for potential further steps in the hiring process, such as interviews or assessments.

List of Available Positions (UPDATED)

Commis 1, Pastry & Bakery April 05, 2024 Dubai, UAE
Hotel Cleanliness Supervisor – Marriott International April 05, 2024 Dubai, UAE
Commis 1 – Main Kitchen – Marriott International April 05, 2024 Dubai, UAE
Kitchen Steward – Ramada Plaza Jumeirah Beach April 05, 2024 Dubai, UAE
Lighting Technician – Solas April 05, 2024 Dubai, UAE
Carpenter – ANdAZ April 03, 2024 Dubai, UAE
warehouse worker – Emirates April 03, 2024 Dubai, UAE
Wall Painter – Aram Building Contracting LLC March, 28, 2024 Dubai, UAE
Carpenter – AVEA Contracting LLC March, 28, 2024 Dubai, UAE
General Technician – Ennismore March, 24, 2024 Dubai, UAE
Furniture and Upholstery Cleaner – Justlife March, 20, 2024 Dubai, UAE
Green Keeper – Al-Futtaim March, 24, 2024 Dubai, UAE
Helper | ENGIE  March, 24, 2024 Dubai, UAE
Factory workers – UPCCI March, 20, 2024 Dubai, UAE
Production Helper (Meat Processing Unit) – GMG March, 20, 2024 Dubai, UAE

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