Driver Jobs in Dubai 2024 Contact Number (Good Salary)

Aspiring candidates striving to get associated with a profession that provides individuals with the opportunity to work directly with companies or wealthy families are advised to apply today for the latest Driver Jobs in Dubai and across the UAE. This opportunity not only adds comfort and security but also gives drivers exposure to different cultures and allows them to build connections within diverse social circles. Furthermore, the advanced infrastructure of the UAE makes driving around the country effortless.

The UAE’s smooth roads, efficient traffic management systems, and modern vehicles equipped with GPS systems ensure that people can navigate easily through crowded cities without encountering significant delays or challenges. Both females and males can make use of the new full-time and part-time Dubai driver jobs that offer excellent pay packages along with opportunities for career growth. Interested individuals are advised to check out the further detailed guidelines we have made available below.

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Job NameDriver
Job LocationDubai
Status of NationalitySelective
Education RequirementsEquivalent Degree / Diploma Holders
Experience NeededRequired
SalaryDiscuss it with your interviewer
BenefitsAccording to the labor law of Emirates
Last Updated onJune 13th, 2024

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Driver Jobs in Dubai

About Driver

The role of a driver involves more than simply transporting passengers. It involves ensuring passenger safety and guaranteeing an enjoyable journey. A proficient driver must possess sharp reflexes, situational awareness, and the ability to make quick decisions on the road. Staying updated on traffic laws and vehicle technologies is necessary for maintaining optimal performance. Apart from driving, they must also create a positive and comfortable experience for passengers by excelling in communication, demonstrating patience, and going the extra mile to meet diverse passenger needs. The best drivers are passionate about what they do. They view each day on the road as an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Whether it’s by offering friendly conversation or by ensuring a smooth ride during difficult times, they approach their role with enthusiasm that shines through every journey they take.

Challenges and Opportunities

Driving jobs in Dubai offer a wide range of challenges and opportunities. They must deal with traffic and harsh weather conditions and often work long hours. However, these challenges are offset by numerous opportunities. In various industries, drivers are needed, such as transportation, ride-sharing, and delivery services. This creates job security and the chance to explore diverse career paths.

Additionally, flexible schedules, interaction with people from all walks of life, and professional growth are perks they may enjoy. With the development of technological advancements, opportunities for them are also expanding, offering increased convenience and efficiency. Despite the challenges, this job provides a promising and rewarding career path.

Shifts and Working Hours

Shifts and working hours for drivers can vary significantly depending on the specific job and industry. Those in the transportation sector may have irregular or long hours, often including evenings, weekends, and holidays. This is to accommodate the 24/7 nature of the industry and the need to meet passenger and delivery demands at all times.

In contrast, other roles, such as personal chauffeurs, may have more predictable and regular working hours, typically aligned with their employers’ schedules. It’s crucial for individuals considering this job to carefully review the working hours and shifts associated with the specific position, as this can greatly impact work-life balance and overall career satisfaction.

Uniform and Dress Code

Dress requirements for driver positions can differ based on the field and employer. Those in transportation are mandated to wear a formal uniform, possibly featuring a company logo for a professional image. While others in sectors such as delivery or ride-sharing enjoy more relaxed dress codes, allowing neat and presentable casual wear. The selection of attire is usually guided by the job’s nature and the company’s branding. However, irrespective of the specific dress code, upholding a clean and well-groomed appearance remains a shared expectation, as it plays an important role in creating positive impressions on passengers and clients.

Training and Certification

The prerequisites for training and certification in driver roles typically require a valid license. This could range from a standard driver’s license for those handling passenger vehicles to a commercial driver’s license (CDL) for larger vehicles like buses and trucks. Furthermore, specific sectors may demand specialized training and certification. For example, chauffeurs and limousine drivers might need training focused on hospitality and customer service.

Those working commercially could be mandated to acquire additional endorsements on their CDL for tasks involving the transportation of hazardous materials or passengers. In addition, training programs for these roles can cover topics like defensive driving, safety regulations, and vehicle maintenance. Moreover, certification programs ensure that they are knowledgeable about industry-specific standards and safety protocols.

Often Available Job Opportunities

  • Light Driver
  • House Driver
  • Delivery Driver
  • Truck Driver
  • Forklift Operator
  • Bus Driver
  • Chauffeur
  • Crane Operator
  • Ambulance Driver
  • Taxi Driver
  • Car Driver
  • Personal Driver
  • Mobile Crane Operator
  • Digger Driver
  • Limo Driver
  • Driver Helper


Driver jobs offer a range of benefits that can make them appealing to many job seekers. These advantages may include job stability and consistent demand, especially in sectors like transportation and delivery services. In some cases, they can earn competitive salaries, ranging from AED 5,000 to 6,000 per month. These jobs often provide opportunities for meeting diverse people and exploring different areas. There are so many other benefits too. We have listed a few of the below.

  • Great Salary
  • Free Visa
  • Job Security
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Paid Time Off
  • Opportunities for Overtime
  • Employee Discounts
  • Safe Working Environment
  • Use of Company Vehicles
  • Uniforms and Safety Gear
  • Mobile Device Allowance
  • Social and Recreational Activities

What Are the Requirements for Driver Careers in Dubai?

  1. Valid UAE driver’s license or the appropriate license for the type of vehicle.
  2. Knowledge of UAE traffic laws and regulations.
  3. Clean driving record.
  4. Familiarity with routes and locations in Dubai.
  5. Good communication and customer service skills.
  6. Physical fitness and ability to sit for extended periods.
  7. Attention to detail and situational awareness.
  8. Ability to work flexible hours, including weekends and evenings.
  9. Knowledge of vehicle maintenance and basic troubleshooting.
  10. Some positions may require specific endorsements or certifications, such as hazardous materials or passenger transport for commercial drivers.

How to Apply for Driver Jobs in Dubai?

To make the application process for Driver Jobs as easy as possible, the following steps have been provided.

  1. Check out the opportunities in our “List of Available Positions” section.
  2. Focus on positions that match your skills and preferences.
  3. Review the job requirements, responsibilities, and qualifications on the LinkedIn page.
  4. If you already have an account, please log in. Sign up if you don’t already have one.
  5. Now, click the “Apply” button and proceed with the application.
  6. The process involves submitting your resume and providing answers to application questions.
  7. Be sure to double-check that all information is entered correctly before submitting your application.
  8. Follow any additional instructions provided on the LinkedIn application page, if applicable.

List of Available Positions (UPDATED)

Job Title
Posting Date
Driver | Neonsigns Adv12/06/2024Dubai, UAE
Professional Driver | eZhire12/06/2024Dubai, UAE
Driver | PrecisionHire Solutions12/06/2024Dubai, UAE
Driver| PwC11/06/2024Dubai, UAE
Driver | June Flowers LLC11/06/2024Dubai, UAE
Driver | NAFFCO GROUP11/06/2024Dubai, UAE
11/06/2024Dubai, UAE
Driver | Aeris Stream Copper Manufacturing LLC11/06/2024Dubai, UAE
Driver | Naffco Electromechanical Co. LLC11/06/2024Dubai, UAE
Driver | Millennium Plaza Downtown Hotel08/06/2024Dubai, UAE
Driver | The American University in the Emirates (AUE)05/06/2024Dubai, UAE
Driver | Trafigura05/06/2024Dubai, UAE
Driver | Bayut.com05/06/2024Dubai, UAE
Truck Driver | IIQAFGROUP05/06/2024Dubai, UAE
Driver | Kitopi29/05/2024Dubai, UAE

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