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Job hopefuls looking for employment in an educational institute that is renowned globally for its reputation as a premier international research institution situated in Thuwal are encouraged to apply right away for the most recent KAUST Jobs. Many individuals are attracted to the possibility of joining it due to its outstanding reputation for fostering a world-class research environment, equipped with modern infrastructure and a welcoming community of scholars. Additionally, its appeal is further enhanced by its offerings of competitive remuneration packages, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, making it an attractive destination for researchers, scientists, and educators coming from various regions of the globe. Those who wish to make significant contributions to Saudi Arabia’s vision for advancing scientific excellence and knowledge-driven progress are advised to apply for these teaching jobs ASAP.

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Company Name King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Job Location Riyadh & Across Saudi Arabia
Status of Nationality Selective
Education Requirements Equivalent Degree / Diploma Holders
Experience Needed Required
Salary Discuss it with your interviewer
Benefits According to the labor law of KSA
Last Updated on May 18th, 2024

King Abdullah University of Science (KAUST) Jobs in Saudi Arabia | Apply Online


About King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

KAUST is officially known as the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. It is a prestigious international research university situated in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia. Since its establishment in 2009, it has been recognized for its constant dedication to advancing scientific and technological knowledge. Its campus was built with sustainable principles in mind, incorporating renewable energy sources and efficient design to minimize the institution’s environmental impact. Moreover, KAUST also plays a central role in promoting economic development in Saudi Arabia through its technology transfer initiatives. The institute actively encourages researchers to transform their innovative ideas into commercial ventures by providing support services such as business development programs and funding opportunities.

Often Available Job Opportunities

  • Research Technician
  • Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Assistant Professor
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Research Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Research Associate
  • Project Manager
  • Facilities Manager
  • Finance Analyst
  • HR Coordinator
  • Communications Specialist
  • Academic Advisor


Many people are attracted to KAUST because of the possibility of contributing to an institution dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, along with competitive compensation packages, comprehensive benefits, and the opportunity to play a role in advancing scientific excellence. Its interdisciplinary focus and dedication to addressing global challenges make it an appealing destination for individuals seeking a fulfilling and impactful career in Saudi Arabia. Following are some of the benefits offered by KAUST job vacancies.

  • Competitive Salary
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Housing Allowance
  • Education Assistance
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Generous Annual Leave
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Research Collaboration Opportunities
  • Wellness and Fitness Programs
  • On-Campus Childcare Facilities
  • Community Engagement Programs

What Are the Requirements for KAUST Careers?

Requirements for KAUST careers vary depending on the specific position and department. Generally, candidates are expected to possess relevant educational qualifications, which can range from bachelor’s degrees to doctoral degrees, depending on the job level and field. Proficiency in English is often required due to KAUST’s international nature. Experience requirements vary but relevant work or research experience is typically preferred, especially for research and faculty positions. Additionally, candidates must meet health and security clearance standards and be eligible to work in Saudi Arabia. Job postings may outline specific qualifications, so candidates are encouraged to carefully review these requirements before applying for the available positions.

How to Apply for KAUST Jobs?

We have listed the steps below that you can follow to apply for Kaust Careers if you are interested.

  1. Access the official careers website to explore the available job opportunities by clicking the “Apply Here” button.
  2. Use the search function or browse through job categories to find positions you’re interested in.
  3. Detailed information about a job posting can be found by clicking the job posting.
  4. You can apply for a job opening by clicking the “Apply” button.
  5. Describe your qualifications and experience accurately and fully in the online application form.
  6. Ensure that you attach all necessary documents, such as your resume, cover letter, and academic transcripts.
  7. Make any necessary corrections.
  8. You can submit your application online once you are satisfied with it.

List of Available Positions (UPDATED)

Job Title
Posting Date
Boat Safety Specialist May 16, 2024 KSA
Senior Marine Specialist May 12, 2024 KSA

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